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About the developer

Vladimir Ribakov is an internationally certified financial technician. He has been trading for over 14 years and is known as a legendary mentor with thousands of students all over the world. He used to trade for brokerages, but later decided to share his knowledge and experience with other traders who needed guidance

He turned his knowledge into developing unique trading systems that are proven to be valuable and effective, which is confirmed by his community.

His passion and dedication for trading have earned him a spot in the echelon of Top Forex Traders and mentors. With each system that he developed, there is nothing short of great reviews and feedbacks.

His most famous strategy that has been in operation for almost a decade is SRS Trend Rider which is released now in its 3rd version - The Pro version.

The sRs Trend Rider Evolution

sRs Pro

The sRs Trend Rider was first designed, developed and introduced in the year 2009 after Vladimir had seen the success of automated forex trading. He saw it very clear that spending hours in front of the charts did not provide positive results. He and his team of developers started their research and built a system that overpassed all the others in quality and efficiency.

Over the years, The sRs Trend Rider has constantly been updated and modified to meet the demands of retail traders. One of the main principles that Vladimir always followed - he wanted that every trader should control the process and choose whether to trade or not, even when a signal is generated.

Being always in touch with his community, Vladimir received a lot of feedback and suggestions from fellow traders and students, which gave him a good ground for another big upgrade in 2017, and he released the sRs Trend Rider 2.0, which met all the requirements of the market of that time.

sRs Pro

And what is sRs Pro?

sRs Pro

Since the release of the sRs Trend Rider 2.0, the market has changed significantly. The movements are more structured differently. The volatility is unlike what we traded back then. So we had to adjust the trading solutions to the adjusted market conditions.

With the constant evolution of algorithms, trading Forex has become more sophisticated. The main reason Vladimir has developed the sRs Pro is to minimize the number of missed perfect opportunities and to maximize the potential of the perfect setups.

Working with SRS Trend Rider 2.0 (the system automatically records all the results so you can always check the real efficiency of the strategy) Vladimir took into account his followers’ suggestions, requests, and recommendations by adjusting the solution to meet the demands of the traders.

The sRs Pro version is much simpler and user-friendly. This strategy can be used without any additional tools and is also a highly accurate system that can be used in any market condition and with all currency pairs.

sRs Pro

What about srs trend rider 2? Is it still relevant?

sRs Pro

Yes, and that’s why we will still provide it as part of the sRs Pro Suite. One of the biggest demands in trading is staying consistent with each trades and planning the next move. The sRs Trend Rider 2.0 has been ranked as one of the best performing trading systems to ever been released to the public. It is a hybrid system which is both semi-automated and semi-manual. It is used for scanning trends on the higher timeframe. It is suitable for scalpers and position traders who loves to ride the trend.

With the combination of the sRs Trend Rider 2 and the sRs Pro, you will be able to do all of that while improving entry order speed.

This way you can save yourself a lot of time and simply focus on the development of your trading strategy. You know that the market can move quickly and with the current volatility of the markets, it is an advantage when both systems will be able to scan for trading opportunities across a range of currency pairs, to create orders and also monitor your trades.

sRs Pro

Meet the New sRs Pro

Installation and Tutorials

In the sRs Pro package, you will get access to a members area where you can find:

  • sRs Pro software + manual
  • sRs TrendRider 2.0 software + manual
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Access to Telegram channel for sRs users only
  • Webinars explaining how to use the system.

Proof Elements

Hi Traders!

Below you can find a table showing examples for trades using the sRs with images showing the exact entries and exits and trades information, such as entry level, stop loss, take profit etc.

The idea is simple – to give you a view how does the sRs look in action.

The examples of the trades are organized for you by dates.

It is especially important to mention that NOT all signals generated by the software are tradable and signals that generated by the system ARE NOT advice or recommendation for action. There are clear and specific rules explained in the trading manual and the additional videos that come along with the software that you can find inside the download. The trades examples you see on the table below, represent example of trades using the rules of sRs strategy.

Please make sure to go over these materials before you start trading!

The purpose of the trades shown below is to demonstrate how trading setups using the sRs look like, why they are acceptable and how to handle them.

Below, you'll find two charts, each chart represents a different performance value. One chart is showing the gains growth based on pips and the other one, based on percentage. The charts show results if one would execute these exact signals generated by sRs as in the table. Executions of different signals and trades will lead to different performance.

Past success does not guarantee future performance. The trade examples below are not trading advice! The purpose of this table is educational only. None of the above and below is a recommendation or an advice for a specific action of buy or sell.

Benefits of Having sRs Trend Rider 2.0 + sRs Pro

Why do you need both the sRs Trend Rider 2.0 and the sRs Pro?

With the volatility and instability of the current market, manually trading can increase the risk that you will become emotionally invested in trade and might not make the best trading decisions. The sRs 2.0 is based on the RSI, MA, and Momentum strategies while the sRs Pro is based on the MACd. When both are combined they will be analyzing the market trends and will be high performing at identifying key trading signals and locating the profitable currency pairs.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, you can use both the sRs 2.0 and the sRs Pro to make real trading decisions on your behalf. Both systems will identify signals that include false breakout movement, price instability patterns, news that might affect transactions, and fluctuations in instruments while performing your trading activities, and ensuring that you suffer minimal to zero losses.


How Much The sRs Pro and How to get it

There are a few options to get sRs Pro:

Depending on your location you might be eligible for Broker Sponsorship program. It means that you open a new account with the best matching and reliable broker selected by the system, deposit it with a minimum required amount (this is 100% your capital to start trading) and receive sRs Pro for free.

If a broker is not available due to your location or you don’t want to join the Broker Sponsorship program, you can buy it directly through PayPal or Crypto, and it will cost $497

Whether you are a day trader, scalper or
position trader this system is perfect for you!